Embracing outstanding wisdom, upon becoming twenty two.. again.

As past duly noted, notes resurface, reminding young me, to be my own best friend. 

Life’s strategic itinerary, says” Topaz keep your loving and loyal heart in its lane”.

For wolves disguised as sheep, 

will only find new areas, 

of your back, too stab you in.

There will be times you will stand feeling totally alone, 

but deception feeds off a weakened heart, with long sighs, instead of songs.

“Keep your eyes focused, 

following God’s unchangeable path.”

“And adhere to your dreams and wishes, always finding time to laugh”. 

“Never tell your deepest secrets, heartbreaks, or loves intriguing past”.

“As some intend to sum you up, let you down, or try chopping your worth in half”.

Time exposes envy and jealousies, set in others heart’s, 

so keep your personal motto,

become one with your passions, 

and never give up on the leadership of your heart, in order– to just follow.

Poetry By Tamara Moore~Thinker on the Loose
Topaz The Jewel a.k.a Tamara

Copyright 2015 (c) Reserved for Tamara Moore


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