Almost There…

In past I’ve walked out, drove off, Lied to kick it, been shutdown, hotheaded, slammed doors, riled up, and Tempted. 

Thanking God I’ve never   

sold myself, been homeless, jailed or drug addicted.

Yet, my path sought validation,  impatiently, 

I just became viciously introverted and sexually wicked. 

I’ve apologized, been defamed, spat on, & bullied too. 

Attacked mentally, verbally and physically, robbed as a child,

of my uncut jewel.

My eyes have Coveted, 

certainly been Envious, a few times, 

body in great health, yet full of Lust issues, catering my Ego’s, 

need to shine. 

Used to smirk, timing how long it took to make ’em bust. 

My Vanity topped the charts, although my heart’s Wrath, rendered no form of trust.

Waiting on facial expression’s that read, I’ll die without you. 

Summing up the worthiness of an opponent’s call or 2nd view.

Occasionally Stolen from, many things, never too return. 

Pierced my Gluttonous nature, to rise up and selfishly yearn. 

I wanted it all, obtained it, again and again, ignoring repeated losses, 

as I boasted only of my wins.

Reveled in mischief, a rebel Prided with cause, prayed continuously, to remove Sloth’s procrastination, to a laziness that ran within my pulse.

Greedy for everything, hungry and attention thirsty. 

Before marriage, craving Love, money, continued beauty, and the best sex, way after 30.

The Pollution of Sins spread like cancer, through my body, like breath in my lungs, 

 As I continually prayed to God, “thou will be done”…

Reversed and challenged the 7+ Sins that had me bound.

Seeking Christ and the Father, until instruction was found.

In prayer, I changed back and forth, between victim and villain. 

 Triumphant circumstances toward my defensive offensed healing’s.

Thank you Lord for ridding me of all 7 deadly and majority of past sins.  

Closer then ever, almost there, as you’ve saved me of my sins, before your return and the end is near.  Amen.

By Tamara L Dorsey-Moore 

Thinker on the Loose- Reblog of Free..

Copyright (c) 2016 Reserved for Tamara Moore and select audience. 

Once you finally get it..remain Faithful, diligent & steadfast ❤