My Love of Being A Woman

I’ve always embraced being the fairer sex. 
Never once, felt the need ,to question that.

Uplifting, a writer, the unconditional loving type, 

while exhibiting order, and 

meeting of the minds, as an idealistic Wife.

Patient, understanding, 

an amazing listener, 

independent and reliable, as that of a Sister.

Gifted, creative, mind over matters, self reliance, respectful, and refined like a Dancer.

I’m that whisper in your ear, that calms you down, that sweet laughter of mine, melts away any frown.

A walking book, of self help, 

with wisdom beyond my age. 

An abundance of fulfilled depth, 

that offers you pleasure, reading my pages.

Some would say I’m conceited, others say too modest, 

however I enjoy, 

being an excellent Poetic Goddess. 

A run way model? 

No, but of course, in my mind. 

Showing off curves, a twist of the hips, while flashing a sexy smile.

Listening  heart always,  to the voice of reason, 

while confidently enjoying,  

being eye pleasing.

Using meditation to soothe my shopping needs, 

I am for certain, 

this know-it-all attitude, acknowledges– I’m a Diva.

A role model, mentor, 

unlike no other.

Giving direction, and tough love because I’m a Mother.

My stare is threatening, 

my concepts are bold. 

I expect order, 

and no chaos around my throne.

I rank high, and reign superbly supreme. 

So respectfully bow down, for I am A Queen.

My sweetness and radiance, 

sets the ambiance, to my unwilting power.

As, I love to be looked upon ,

as a delicate Flower .

Utilizing all gifts, my feminine wiles, my need for assurance, enhances my style.

I have a tough exterior, sometimes that will occur.

Roaring is not of my nature, 

I’d much rather purr.

Eyes hypnotically, mystiqued of essence, beauty, sex appeal and being sexy , 

an excellent package, 

wrapped magnificently.

As always being my best, 

truly pleases me.

I am a little vain, yes, I totally agree.

Its just that, I Love being a Woman, 

and simply Love, being ME.

By Tamara Moore

Thinker on the loose.

 Copyright Reserved for purposes by Tamara Moore 


2 thoughts on “My Love of Being A Woman

  1. I love this! Is that you in the pic? Wowsies! :o))

    Hey, love, shutting down my blog for a couple weeks or so again. Work takes my time again, grr! So, I won’t be blogging too much, but wanted to say goodbye this time since I wanted to thank you for all of your time you take on my blog. πŸ™‚ I love seeing you there, when I’m here.

    I should still be doing likes and the occasional comment, though…

    Take good care.

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    • Aww gonna I”m going too miss you😘…Duty calls!
      Maybe I’ll have mastered this phone before your returnπŸ˜‚
      No that’s not me in the pic, just some art,πŸ˜πŸ˜„ will still visit you anyway, left my β˜• on your table, too finish where I left off in my reading.t
      Take care Sweets! See you soon πŸ’žπŸ’—πŸ’›

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