Mines is Salacious 

Okay, obviously we all have a temptation or two from time to time, mine is sex, fornication, adultry, however you want to word it. My mind is the weapon of destruction too, I can close my eyes and see sex, even feel it , the tingling sensation it brings, the chills from its orgasmic hold, just talking about it is hard, lol wow. I don’t know where the off button for this Sin is, that’s my only problem. I’m really good at it too, and so it haunts me.                                       

Even if I don’t act on my thoughts and desires, they are still thoughts, and they sometimes consume me.

Funny thing is, all the other 9 Commandments, and 7 deadly sins, I have no problem with. 

Out of the 7, I would say my temper and lust, not as slow too wrath as I should be, and lust is part of my sexual nature and problem .The rest are a breeze,Envy, Greed, Pride, Sloth, Gluttony are in the bag

Lies, or bearing false witness against a neighbor, nah not my style, besides I’m too honest, because I decided once I became an adult, I never had another reason to lie to another human being, no one about anything, not too save them, spare feelings or otherwise, I kept a huge enough secret as a child.

Anyway I love the freedom truth brings, lies are beneath me.

Gluttony,no problem for me at all, no enough is usually enough, whether food, material items whatever the case, when I’m full, I’m full.

Coveting is same as gluttony I’m good, I don’t want anything not even a cup of sugar from neighbor, let alone someones mate, so I rarely visit these two, due to  the fact, I enjoy what’s mine.

Jealousy is never an issue, to each his own. I don’t want anything or anyone that bad, too become a monster for it, so obsessed I can’t think clearly.I mean in all actuality I don’t want anyone too want me that much. I battled a stalker for 19 years and it was grueling looking over your shoulder constantly, PPO’s, neighbors telling you that a peeping Tom was looking through your window’s again, notes on the car and in the mailbox, no thank you, I’ll pass.

No idolatry worship, no crosses, wood, people like celebs or any other graven images. Use to think a good luck chsrm was okay as a child, but grew into the meaning of no images..none.

I keep the Sabbath, which is the 7th day, today, pretty serene and holy til sunset, today I just wanted to vent and dwell on my biggest problem…lol

I don’t Steal, well maybe a few hearts, but I’ve never stole anything donce being a teen and trying to get oerfume for Mother’s. day for my mother, lol funny story actually, I had the money, but made the mistake of leaving out with the perfume to get more money for the sales tax and casually placed it in my purse and all kind of alarms and whistles went off at that door, meant to keep it on the counter and forgot. I was terrified and embarrased, never made that mistake again..lol

Never killed anything bigger than a fly or ant, or flying ant, lol But will keep my family safe if ever a situation arises, I have a keen eye.   Afterall, I do go too the range.

Honor my Father and piece of Mother majority of my life, my mother and I don’t speak, haven’t for 11years, but I’m ok with that, I’m not disrespectful, just an adult, living my life, and choose not to be further manipulated.

I never take the Lord God’s name in vain.

Well figured if I wrote it out I could get a handle on it, but no itsdon’t judge me, when your time comes, you won’t be asked about my sins…lol js

Love you all ♡ Thanks For Reading!

MY THOUGHTS ON IT..What are yours?

By Tamara Dorsey-Moore 

Copyright  (c) 2017