Ruby Red

Naturally, I love, and desire it back the same way.

My thoughts are good of others, 

til mask fall off,

then I partake, in their game of masquerade.

I am blunt and unusually bold, 

until it hurt’s a feeling.

As well as a loyal soul, 

until true emotions, start revealing.

I can read your mind, 

your heart, and character, 

as well as your sign.

While, naturally being right, 

95% of the time.

Over years I’ve learned

full moon’s reflect,  

the harsh nature’s of people heart’s.

And just by them passing by me, 

I know, 

I want, 

of them, no part.

I’ve spoken about other lives, 

I was assigned to live before. 

Like Ruby, a fortune telling Gypsy, from many, moons ago. 

She resided in a large unfriendly town, 

called Westpointe, Indigo

Ruby, a regal beauty, with dark features, and the grayest eyes seen,  covered black hair, 

as a crown could go there, 

but the townspeople treated her mean.

It was due to her dreams and prophecies, that came true. 

She was often met by cold, 

manipulating stares.

They were pretty jealous of her, 

due to the accuracy, of her gifts.

The town called private meetings, to put an end to this.

She believed her gift was a curse, right, from the very start. 

She disclosed this to a townsman, her lover, that she wished, it never started. 

The townspeople in an uproar, 

first tried to run Ruby from town. 

Yelling, screaming obscenities, 

and casting judgemental frowns. 

She tried too run, and warn her lover, of pending danger’s, to her demise. Falling, and upon lifting her head. 

She looked directly up, 

into his betraying eyes.

She was grabbed, 

then tied and stoned, repeatedly.

Called a witch and burned, 

before being able to leave.

So when the moon is full 

and a red hue stays and just hover’s, 

it’s said to be Ruby Red. 

Still searching for the deceptive heart, and tongue 

of her lover.

POETRY By Tamara Moore ~TOTL~
Copyright Reserved for purposes intended for Tamara L Dorsey-Moore

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