Racy, Tasty or Crazy #176

Inquiring minds wood love to know..

So my friends friend is a D.I.Yourselfer, but has many questions regarding wood…

Best advice..Never wish away a wood ;)

1.Is there such a thing as an afternooner wood?

2. Does the Friday wood stand a better chance, then the previous woods of the week, that stood before it?

3. Is it better to go into the woods for the best wood,maybe a tree lined neighborhood, or does the wood look for you? 

I bet Tiger’s wood, never got waxed or polished like this…

That is freakin awesome btw, is that mahogany? Wow that’s beautiful! LOL

Also when you ask what is the best wood ever…you get this list..

all I know is its a very hard decision to make…so I’ll keep my favorite options on board. πŸ™‚

You must enjoy the wooded areas ❀