My All

I gave it all away, no regrets.

My love, my visions, my dignity, 

my space.

My freedom, my heart, my money, my taste.

My anger, my mind, my smile, and grace.

My body, my dreams, my teachings, my place.

My challenges, my speeches, my depth, my haste.

My tears, my strength, my techniques in this race.

My laughter, my kisses, arm length wishes.

My trust, my poise, my lectured conviction’s.

My deepest of poetry, my history, my story.

My royalties, compliance, my adventures, my silence.

My redemption, my trying, 

my feelings, my crying.

My attention, and understanding, 

my hand away in marriage.

My moods of disparities, 

my gumption, my clarity.

My empathy, my finishes, 

my sympathy, and endlessness.

My passionate “ Hell No’s“,  wishes, truth’s , “I told you so’s”.

My richness, my ego, my guilt and shame.

My brilliance, life lesson’s, esteem rebuilt, to honor my name.

My spiritual growth, my Holy Ghost, my simple prayers and discerning stares.

Fruitfulness, my manners, my sound advice, my honesty, risks and sacrifice.

My humility, long suffering, 

my ability to care.

My loyalty in friendships, 

 mothering heart I bare.

My great qualities, 

my sportsmanship, my lack of defeat.

My ability to set a record straight, 

by the way I speak.

My rarity in losing, my sex appeal that’s oozing.

My aloof filled confidence, my seduction, my thrills.

My excellent, as well as cursed love making skills.

My basking in glory, my healing, my sultry, my respect, my protection, my blessing in floetry.

My humanity, my judging, 

my vanity, my flights.

My 98% chance of always being right.

Life is a beautiful one time offer, 

I never 2nd guess, 

I not only gave it my all, but my 100% Best.

  • Copyright (c) Reserved for and by Tamara Moore

~Thinker on the Loose 

Tamara Urmajesty 😉

Scorpion Life


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