Also A Wolf 

Been a wolf before, 

but also a harmless sheep, 

not the big bad type, but a viciously observant one, 

seen my own weakness, 

so I ate the likes of me. 

The overall sweetness, 

other’s stepped on, disregarded and sank their malicious teeth. 

Of my mushy cream filled center of optimism, 

all trustworthy, honesty in truth’s, 

a double dose of loyalty’s

fed and still sought after,

mostly by the ruthless.

Been smitten, 

a sex kitten, 

a driven cougar, with panther moves.

Been several 1st best ever’s, 

a few whispered forevers, 

clever in speech, 

a creative genius in ways to teach.

Been a praying Angel, 

a lioness, 

a nympho positioned to satisfy every angle, a heartbreaker impressing the soul, loveless leaving the heart entangled.

Good times, 

but back to my being a wolf, 

I see everything so very clear.

even as I adapt to different enviroments keeping silent – watching  surroundings, as well the people inside it, 

I have absolutely no fear.
Poetry By Tamara Dorsey-Moore

Thinker on the Loose

Copyright (c) 2017 Reserved purposes intended.Reblogged


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