Poetic Pudding


I’ve flirted with disasters, 

been the ending saga, 

to dramatic chapter’s.

The force, behind roving eyes, 

A long drive home of epic lies. Deepened by the fullest tries, that tied my poetic pudding remaining essentially encrypted, 

to reside inside my wisdom’s critic. 

Speaking directly to my soul’s resilience, 

to output it’s  sweet wordy brillance, 

in accordance of a locked carnal intolerance, 

that exposed lost episode’s of escaped, diligence.

Certainly been the spicy dish, 

an embellished response to many a wish. 

An appetizer, entree, 

full course meal, 

that roll’s in as a delectable tray, 

indulging in appeal.

Just giving a complimentary taste of my poetic pudding, 

greatly relaxing to the mind’s, unhooding. 

Revealing chills that steal a breath’s delay, 

tastebuds in captivity, 

just melting away.  

Encouragingly, stirring a feeling that builds up the nerve to ask a favor, 

but teased to be on the best behavior, 

in order to savor, its richness in any flavor.

One taste of this poetic pudding, sends the necessary shock to central endings,

where its whipped 

and slowly begins, 

smoothly satisfying to every involved sense, 

as the mind and soul naturally, and tastefully blend.

POETRY BY Tamara Dorsey-Moore

Thinker on the Loose

Copyright (c) 2017 Reserved for purposes intended.Reblog