When was the last time, you had a thorough chat,

started by age three, and repetitively kept up with, 

after that?

Lately, have you asked your child has anyone touched 

them wrong, or made them feel uncomfortable, or threatened to do them harm?

Do you pay attention to your child’s silence, their daydreams, or stares, notice sleep patterns, being overly shy or nightmares alarm?

Do you see a challenge plaguing there minds? 

Sudden need to be alone 

or start up of telling lies?

Do you see fear often in their stare?

Parents are you even watching or listening? 

Do you still care?

Have you ever noticed, 

when certain company comes by, your child overly acts out, get’s antsy or jump’s up and hides?

For Violators are brilliant in blackmail and trickery 

to young minds.

I’d rather remain paranoid and keep on asking, then the loss of childhood, and unmasking a surprise.

When you use social media, does it ever cross your mind, 

to conduct a little research on your neighborhood finds?

Do they live next door, 

down by the alley maybe the store, or closer to your child‘s school?!

Do you feel they’re path’s 

never crossed, so all’s dandy and cool?

Well, its alarming, so I’m disarming the violators 

threats and lies .

I’m sent to ultimately teach 

as well as open blind eyes.

Regarding predatory behaviors growing, 

as tablets and phones are on the rise. 

When you start dating do you immediately introduce, putting your children lives in danger?

Or have you taught them early on, about lessons of talking to strangers?

Violator’s aren’t limited to just people you know, 

but close friends of the family, coaches, siblings of friend’s 

or even your own relatives, 

can be questionable.

Hope I’m saving a few children today, with this talk among the adults,

because the problems that stem from sexual abuse, 

are a haunting lifetime result.  

Cherish the little ones, and allow them to remain children, as long as they possibly can.

For knowledge is far better then allowing a Violator, 

to plague and disrupt, 

their future plans. 

Teach your children to not be threatened or take on fault,

as there is no such thing, 

as secrets, especially between them and any adult.

Childhood Life Lessons 

Poetry By Tamara Dorsey-Moore  Moore

Copyright 2016 (c) Reserved for purposes intended for and by Tamara L Dorsey-Moore 

Thinker on the loose and on watch.