In My Dream


For once I welcomed sleep, 

it actually came quite simple, 

no stresses, interruptions, or needed reasons to rub my temple.

I found myself for once needing nothing, at this point,

for the way you strolled through my mind daily, 

was like you owned the joint.

No, I strickly allowed my mind to drift and take me exactly, 

where I knew you’d be waiting. 

I turned over once shifting to my back, and into my dream, 

you came, without hesitation. 

Casually you complimented me on a beautiful smile, 

while examing it very closely. 

As I closed my eyes enjoying the feel, of your demonstration and company mostly. 

Quickly I felt excitement hit, as you kept me in firmest grip, barely audible, you said damn this a sweet dish– , 

gazing but not hearing every word you said, as you constantly kept eating at me. 

I felt myself floating, drifting back into my bed, 

still asleep, but halfway in my dream, I could clearly hear you say, you were well fed.

Erotic Poetry By Tamara Moore Thinker on the Loose           

Copyright (c) 2017 Reserved purposes intended. 


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