Curses Creed

To be riddled by many feelings is an outstanding curse.

certainly plays out differently,  to love freely, in an unloving universe.

In all my good deeds, 

I felt a need, to write a creed, 

mainly for those mediocrity idiots that once brought me to my knees. 

I find myself loving harder, 

than most average heart’s allow.

Yet I expect loyalty over everything, returned back, with more then a promised smile.

Forever want a love so scrumptious it feeds my entire heart, its driven motivation, 

romantic hints and all valuable parts.

Honestly honesty, trust and respect very high on the totem pole, 

when I finally no longer see fit to give them, 

its because I see they’re no longer exposed.

I want to make love without being suppressed of my best, without enduring another stalker, that needs me as an a average lover, 

just to suppress my stature, 

quoting my loyalty’s supply as the cover.

While my body remains viciously craving to fulfillments unrest, 

as I grow bitter inside and start to only detest.

My smile’s can’t be taken lightly, 

as its used in happiness, anger and war, 

and allows no advantage to be taken, for behind it, a temper boils.

In my path, I’ve learned to sometime speed, especially when I feel familiarities, of my curses creed.

Poetry by Tamara Dorsey-Moore 

Thinker on the Loose

Copyright (c) 2017 Reserved purposes intended