What a mother for ya, damaging your every far fetched dream,

as she birthed you, 


to be an enemy it seemed.

Every memories milestone was pushed over a cliff, 

as her unidentified lies cradled, preparing for the lifetime riff.

She fooled them all, 

who thought she fit their story’s reasons and excuses, 

as you fell helplessly head first, 

into all her ruthlessness.

The coldest heart 

as long as you’ve ever known, 

so deep in her own deceptions, 

she’s never welcomed you home.

Stripped of every valuable feeling you’ve ever had, 

as she picked through what was left  shadow puppeting your sadness, 

to destroy you shamelessly, 

with her vindictive laugh. 

Planting treachery in your every step, to destroy all your trust, 

as your heart held her death, 

many times, 

as a guilt-free pending lust.

Poetry By Tamara Dorsey-Moore

Thinker on the Loose

Copyright (c) 2017


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  1. That’s dark.

    Hey Tamara, you need to put a ‘follow by email’ button on your page because I can only follow you by reader & I don’t go into the reader, I read the posts that are sent to my email.


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