Ahead of the Game

She’s like 10 steps ahead of the world, she won’t tell you this, but she never ever trusted anyone or anything, since being a little girl.

She’s 9 steps ahead in premonition’s and vision’s, her dreams have dream’s that prepare, 

barely there, she stares off, already exporting her care.

8 conversation’s ago she listened for changes in the voice, 

regarding a time to be met with different choices. 

She heard you, yet will love you forever, though, but in the meantime, 

she shifts her poise, looking past  endearing sweetnesses, 

her heart starts dismisses them simply as white noise.

7 steps ahead of all temptations, setting off her tempting behaviors, going off inside her like, mini persuaders. 

She allowed the excitement, it amuses her, besides her drive is huge and super amazing. 

6 days exactly, she recognizes a need growing bigger more, and more, 

as she is too romantically slow paced, still adoring you to the ache in her core, 

she knows what’s to be expected outside her heart, will predominately always be more and more after it starts.

5 ending emotions she’s learned to stay strong and live from:   to see nothing as bittersweet, 

sadness is boring, 

stop reaching out for a love, that’s never meant to be torn, 

more circumstances to connect and less communication in speech, 

she’s began reteaching her heart to retract, no matter the heat, for afterall she is a Scorpio on the chart, so acknowledgement of these, settles her heart.

4 she understands unmasking and what not to do, but she never stops enjoying the entire package of you. 
3 stages of seduction, set by default

2 never fail 

1 last wish is kept secret, to no one  she tells.

Life Lessons Poetry 

By Tamara Dorsey-Moore 

Thinker on the Loose 

Copyright  (c) 2017 Reserved purposes intended.