Racy, Tasty, or Crazy #65

Lol..little joke 1st.

 From one romantic to another…

I personally believe the best sign of the zodiac is Scorpio, 

not just because my birthday just happens to be Nov.2, making me a Scorpio. lol

Also not because Scorpion’s are just the freaking best at just about everything that involves passion, 

or because of our character is in each of you, 

or we only share the best “qualities” of all the other signs..but because we know, whether

by love, infatuation, lust or mistake, our parents decided to passionately dress up, eww then down, showed up and made the “best”(of) on Valentine’s Day, 

or at least the week before.. 😉

This is the Holiday in which the most special, legendary sign Scorpio’s are made, in case you weren’t aware…lol  like a 2nd birthday, Happy Conception Day Scorps ❤