Temptation’s Rage

Hollow offenses, apologies staged.

Attentive prowess heightened, plateaued to engage.

Apple of the eye, 

lost completely, by a page. 

For persuasive thoughts, 

lack reasoning,  embers warm-up, to pending phase.

A breathless audition, turns into a hope-filled sigh, as the conscience grasps reality, of a different stage’s cry.

Boasting seductively, of a hidden trophy, captured within its cage.

Offering riddles for a nymphoed mind, too imagination, temptation’s rage.

Eyes desire, a break to another’s dimension. 

As the body freely, melts away, 

from desirable attention.

A stranger’s tongue speaks coherently, 

interrogating, lost years age.

Craving of just once–to succumb, 

in catering temptations, 

seductive rage.

For, the beast of expertise , 

becomes prevalent in its need, 

to be unleashed and succeed,  

from, its dormant like sleep. 

Stakes are high, as quiet thoughts leak, yet absent passions, 

challenge the insides, to speak back, weakly. 

Close call, denies a moment of heat, for temptations rage, 

yearned hard enough, 

to raise a mountain’s  peak. 

POETRY By Tamara L Dorsey-Moore 

Thinker on the Loose 

Copyright(c) 2016 Reserved purposes intended for Tamara Moore and select audience. 


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