I grew up hearing Grammy saying, not to sing early in the morning, because you’ll be crying, by the end of the day. 

As weird as it sounded, I’d shut up quickly, willing that ordeal at bay. 

She was pretty accurate, in calling out the superstition’s that took captive, our situations while plaguing us into its game of tag.

Going back around a sign, took the littlest time, instead of superstition, surprising you with hide and seek into its creepy replay of delayed wickedness, counting down in your mind.

She once also told me in passing,

never get married on a rainy day, 

or you’ll spend majority of the marriage in tears. 

Well that came up due to my rainy Prom night, as she tried to assure me it wasn’t the end of the world. Although, count it, 7 years later, I had to be the most unluckiest girl.

I must say she was right indeed about the wedding, for it was pouring down at mine, and after the vows took place, the sun actually shined, but I’ve still looked back for many years and seen, where I hopelessly cried. She spoke of experience, on many superstition’s in which I’d only, been subdued by a few.

So now my main question is the expression of the mirror, the classical looking glass, 

when you’ve broken several, 

does bad luck really come through looking for your ass?

Well I know of 3 I’d broken by age fifteen, so by thirty-eight, 

I was suppose to be pretty much set. 

Except that one time bad luck followed closely on my heels waiting to calculate, as I was being over careful, not to give it more reasons to hauntingly sum up my Bill. 

There was a huge thick framed mirror hanging in the long hall, 

my toddler at the time played, there, simply as always, 

But this day it leapt right from the wall. The huge crash made me dash up the stairs, where he was as close as a few crawls. 

So I cleaned it up crying, reflecting, me all superstitious and sad, unknowing we’d step on the hidden shards, for months as a reminder of superstition’s  path.

I even begged in asking that it be held against me, and added to my tab, 

for he was just a baby, and that would have been crazy, besides 45, well, I’ll still be fab.

So I’m currently still, working off the last of my bill. 

As it hits me to notice, I also married within my bold streak of luck’s deal, but casually I laugh it off, because it only tells me the mirror’s last laugh, is always it’s biggest thrill. 

I didn’t have a hard time leaving superstitious belief’s, out of my children’s upbringing, saying goodbye to its hold, as I no longer speak if it. As for if I believe in it, I’ll leave that notion to inquiring minds.

I feel if you put it in the atmosphere it will remain true, how do you feel about superstition’s and old wive’s tales?

Thanks for reading <3’s!! You are appreciated 🙂

Poetry By Tamara Dorsey-Moore

Thinker on the Loose

Copyright (c) 2017 Reserved for purposes intended.


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  1. I hated anything to do with superstition because if I did something only because I couldn’t help it and afterwards someone told me what might happen I always walked around worrying about it so I just preferred not to know at all.

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