Application Process

In this day and age with all the menaces, 

a questionnaire, with lie detector should be present for our defenses.

The question’s would include, 

but are never limited, to ensure your alleged “soul mate”, doesn’t strip away energy and good intentions.

How do you feel about God ? 

What’s your view on politics? Church and Human studies? 

Capital punishment?

Marriage? Stalking?  Divorce? 

Side mates and sex buddies, 

who have run their course? 

How do you feel about Genocide? 

Do you openly voice opinions, 

or keep them bottled up inside? 

Daily do you practice the Bible’s word? 

Or use suitable verses, to curb your urge? 

Are you addicted to money, playing lottery or gambling? 

Or go out a few times to splurge, and got it all handled? 

In your heart, do you still trust Police or other armed forces? 

Have you had Multiple marriages, with just as many divorces? 

Any mental issues in the family’s history? ADD? Bipolar? PTSD?

Criminal sexual assaults? Any Molestation/Pedophilia cared to talk about? 

Or voices telling you, to take people out?

 Capable of making responsible choices? 

Okay, what about children/pro or against abortions?

How’s your overall health? Regular Dr.visits? Insurance? Surgeries? Shot before? Any STD’s? 

How are you about gun control? 

Same sex marriage? 

Religion? GMO‘s? 

Have you sacrificed a few, to get in the Game?

Would you sell your soul for riches and change your name? 

Or bow down giving satan, all your praise? 

How does technology run your life? 

Would you implant a chip for work, or use tracking devices ?

What’s your take on bullies and speaking up? 

If a crime is committed, what’s the contents of your cup? 

Would they be witnesses or snitches by your opinion? 

Or do tbe rules change, once a family member’s mentioned?

How many times has your loyalty been tested? 

Is there a list of drugs taken? 

Or alcohols ingested? 

A stalker? Killer? been to prison? 

On parole? 

Anger management, Bi-polar? 

Simply out of control?

Are you homophobic? 

If so, is there reason?  

Dated a Transgender? 

On the down low? 

Or Bi-sexually greedy? 

Are you securing yourself with condoms and utilizing safe sex, 

or Straight calling everyone nasty, while raw sexing your cheating ex?

Employed? Multiple Children? 

Some on the way? 

Giving up Child support, every paycheck you make? 

Unemployed? Hustling? 

Credit score low?

Renting? Buying? High car notes?

Chronic cheater? Domestic violence? Conspiracy theorist? Scientologist?

That’ll be all the question’s reviewed for now.

Have a nice day, we’ll give you a dial.

This is exactly what everyone should typically go through, instead of later, the joke being on you. #Time to take our lives and bodies serious. Poetry Life Lesson.

Poetry By Tamara Moore~ TOTL

Copyright (c) 2015 Reserved purposes intended.  


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