Ran into My Soulmate..Again

His words were my words, 

his eyes were my soul.

Awkwardly running into one another again, in the icy winter’s, cold.

This time we briefly spoke, 

a lingering hello, 

as our eyes met thoroughly, introducing a strong hold. 

On with the errands, 

our made up reason’s to leave, 

breaking the long gaze, 

from our shared visual speech.

His eyes ran down my body, 

a slight nibble, to his lip.

As I lost my breath, 

melting right there, 

praying not to slip.

Admiring his looks, physique, and intelligent depth, filled me of imagery, of loving talks we’d have.

Mind-blowing lovemaking, many kisses, cuddling sessions, tons of shared laughs.

Question’s of unknown stories, 

will simply have to wait.

For again, I met my soulmate,

feeling his reciprocation

for me also… today.

 By Tamara Moore

 Thinker on the Loose 

 Copyright (c) Reserved purposes intended. Reblog


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