Karma Knocks

Unfortunately, watchful eyes allowed you to fall to the floor. After many heartbreaks and setbacks climbed stairs, seeking the entrance to your front door. 

Karma’s knocking! 

Interested in speaking with you, 

as you ignore the knocks, to remain without a clue. 

As presumption’s are piled on multiple levels against you,  

pride took off, due to other’s misfortunes in the past, 

laughed at by you. 

While some say wow, how the mighty has fallen.  

They laid and waited on your demise, for you to start crawling.

As Karma’s whisper echoes in your heart’s darkest hours, with even more bad news.

Of remembered instances you broke every, single rule.

Left without a World, you still won’t bend a knee, 

never thinking that refusing guidance, is like refusing to breathe. 

You swore you had this mapped out, tears and years ago.

Now you face repeated lessons, without any direction shown.

Repentance to mend the fences, calls out thirstily for water,

 to apply to burned bridges, as judgment yanks privilege, and denies the order. 

A projector repetitively shows images, to errors of your ways.

While you laugh inwardly without regret, to Karma’s upcoming pay. 

Summing up to Self, that you certainly weren’t the worst.

As your burning question to

 Karma, is ultimately, why it came knocking for only you, first?!?

By Tamara Moore

Copyright (c) 2016 Reserved infringement for purposes intended.

Thinker on the Loose