Supreme Pie’s Vanity


The vanity of my hips insanity,  lavishly runs a course. 

For in its prize lies a surprise, 

that causes indulgence remorse. 

Appetites delight, assures by sight, the most beautiful impeccable pie. 

To the extreme of every dream.

To die inside its cry. 

Magic is captured in it’s rapture, 

a mystique burst of pipes.  

Masterful yearning grasps the concern, of instrumental technique, tightly .  

Ingredients of uniqueness intrigues an addiction, 

assigned by a signature curse. 

Bent on sweet vengeance, a warning is mentioned, to pace the heart after the first. 

The vanity of my hips, insanity  lavishly runs a course, 

for the magnitude of learned lesson’s proof, acknowledges  supreme pie — 

a reckoned force.

By Tamara L Moore

Thinker on the loose

Copyright (c) 2016 Reserved purposes intended for the use of Tamara L Dorsey-Moore and Reblog 18+Mature audience Erotic Poetry.