Sugary Spiciness Maybe, Not..


Not your traditional Sugar and Spice, everything, nice type. Except maybe when my guttered mind, thinks twice. 

I’m a Queen. Never been a Princess, they too often need to be saved, and I healed long ago, from being a deprived victim, into a powerful lioness, prowling and brave.

I’m a Daddy’s girly girl, with a dirty martini twist, kissing with my eyes open, so there’s nothing I’ll miss. 

In my mind, if it’s sliding, gliding, going inside– and I’m present,

I’m splitting it, double dipping it, 2handing it, before kissing it, and sticking it, while willing it, to fit in this.

So that’s why I’m not much on being sugar and spice, because when I was nice, It wasn’t very enticing,  never enjoying any excitement, was just keeping my prowess wild inhabited inside me.

Advised often to think twice, in my gutter’s speech, as I roll my eyes, with my need to reach out, teach, totally unleash, the nymphoed spirit that resides in me.

For when I speak, my needs proceed to release, and free the carnal alliance that is forcibly, a dominating tornado, brewing inside me. 

Whisking my mind’s breeziness, my body’s greediness, but without forfeiting my classiness, to be classified, as sleaziness.

Really its just about my freedom of speech in this, and I hope most of you are eating this,  

because it’s reasoning is pleasurably, pleasing to me.

Maybe to be politically correct, in all respect, I can be, Sugary Spiciness, 

to acknowledge my intelligence,  my benevolence, my sassy nature of excellence, mannerisms, and sexiness, without need to eradicate, but certainly demonstrate, my love’s expression, writing.

Because my imagination must stay flighted, not be spited or divided, into all cutesy fictional writes, it’d be like dieting on life, with an abstinent side.

So, call me Sugary Spiciness and reap my exciting, mysteriously, regular, edgy, and even sexual liveliness…in my writes.

Seeing as though I refuse in hiding it, for it is Me..along with any other subject highlighted. 

Just Erotic Doodling 🙂


Poetry By Tamara Dorsey-Moore 

Copyright (c) 2017 Reserved purposes intended. 


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