Mind’s Pool 

This mind’s wide open, 

a pool of intelligence.

An deserted island, 

isolated by an oasis of excellence.

No matter the millions of seconds, lapsed across its time, 

no torch held a match, 

to this exquisite mind of mine.

New wisdom always  obtained, 

yet no interesting chapter’s taught, 

nor brand new saga reveals an adventure, for my medulla oblongata.

Alone in my serene, deepest of thoughts,   

an image was detected, that my corners eye caught. 

My imagination comically, 

saw a challenger lifting a sword, 

as he displayed expertise upon entering the diving board. 

Intrigued, no time wasted, 

he delve right in.

I admired the poised intrusion, 

yet was captured by his swim.

He questioned me on many topics, even the breathing techniques of life.

I never took my eyes off him, 

since the introductory dive.

Once I answered questions, 

he continued on to dip, 

warming up my frontal lobe, 

probing for more tips. 

Well informed, he found I was heavily equipped, 

in a blink of eyes second, 

showing.my mind’s automatic clip.

Yielded by confusion, 

it became quite evident, 

why most paddle back to the shallow end, after my Olympic flip. 

I was assured,

by his repoire, in this challenge to reload.

Which only exercised my mental core’s, agressive mode.

My intellect invited him, 

further to converse, 

investigating the depth of his mind, a little more first. 

The tables quickly turned, 

as his mind begin to lack, 

drowned by my wit, 

intrigued to turn back. 

From the broadness of my pool, 

he really took a hit, as I was fully ready, he fell silent, ready to quit.

He threw in the towel, 

as I administered apologetic CPR, 

for once I felt a little competition, 

yet still came out the–Star.

By Tamara L Dorsey-Moore

Thinker on the Loose

Copyright (C) 2016 Reserved for purposes by Tamara L Dorsey-Moore


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