​I love Love, much further than the eye can see.

Saying it out loud, does something euphoric to me.

Years ago, I wore my heart on both of my sleeves.

Realizing after watching other’s concepts, their ways didn’t quite, suit me.

New love is promising, 

endearing, with trust.

But also becomes superficial, 

when based solely on lust.

Long Time love, has a distinct way of standing out.

Although, time tends to allow, sweetness of romance to slowly fizzle out.

Infatuation, one of the trickiest deceptions of love, where one incites love in a persistent manner, upon many years, coming to the conclusion, 

they enjoyed the thought of you more, then the actual idea.

Toxic love is the worst of any around, riddled with being obsessively controlled, by a small possessive mind.

No..Love to me is a beautiful portrait.

That is hard to explain, 

but it’s sound is the sweetest music, 

when it calls your name.

Love is dirrct eye contact, 

so intense, bold, and loving, when goosebumps form, they almost make you fall back.

Love to me is, hand holding and kissing, and when you aren’t around, you both feel lost, because the other’s missing.

Love to me, is that chill you feel, because you’re exposing your heart, and your vulnerabilities are revealed, from the very start.

It is trusting deep, talking, laughter—plus, not allowing anything in this world, 

to take away your blush.

Love is teaching each other,

Not one appearing to know it all,  

allowing a multitude of beautiful words, 

acknowledge to you once the hearts’ falls.

Love to me, are no preconceived notions, as you keep showing daily, the same gentle emotions.

Love certainly is complimenting another’s best attributes, 

while adding your own enhancements,

to inspire the best qualities too.

Love is togetherness, 

enjoying love’s beautiful scenes.

While holding hands in bed affectionately, before drifting off to loving dreams. 

LOVE POETRY By Tamara Moore

Thinker on the loose.

Copyright (c) Reserved for purposes by or for Tamara L Dorsey-Moore 


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