Coffee House


The 1st Wife: She watched his aloof but content eyes as they danced more often than before.

The 1st Wife:asked himWho is she?

The 1st Wife: Where did you meet, and do you love her?

1st Husband: He answered right away without hesitation. 

“There’s nothing going on, except an enjoyable savor, a meeting of the minds, a rich coffee’s flavor. 

I haven’t replaced you, nor tasted the view, but certainly enjoyed each flight, and new insight given, in obliging you”.

Him: As you felt my closer contact, not my pull away, thought you’d enjoy the difference, in me listening more contently, in what you say.  

(the 1st wife smiled thinking to herself, this was only an overworked imagination, besides her husband was a Muse, and had found his inspiration.)

~The Other Couple in their kitchen~

2nd Wife: a writer, smiling uncontrollably, always in good spirits, and singing alot these days. 

(So her husband had been watching her personality change for weeks, especially after the daily trip back from getting coffee.)

The 2nd Husband: asked. 

So who is he? 

Who has you smiling and singing this way?  

The 2nd Wife: (she looked up surprised and then answered.)

Her: Me? Are you accusing me of an affair? 

Her: Oh! no way. She said.

Her: No, this is much more sweeter, actually a deliciousness, 

a breath of fresh air, the star from my wishes.

Her: It’s about meeting’s of the mind, a beautiful need that’s continuous. 

Nothing wicked, nor have bodies ever met.

Her: Its a genuine gentleness, actually, you’ve grown to love and respect, the patience in my speech, while on a normal basis we, reflect.

Her: Be assured it’s just a need in me, that has been freed, seeing a more giddy concept make it’s plea. Don’t darken what’s lit, I’m sure you’d agree, but what you see now, should be a relief.

2nd Husband: (became grateful) 

Embracing the enhanced version of his wife’s way of looking at life, after all she was a writer. 

2nd Husband: (So he tossed his accusation net, worried it would clip her wing’s flight.)

Coffee House Meeting                     The 1st husband and 2nd wife..

They both were satisfied by their truthly stated journey’s, as their eye’s met again before entering, with admiration, a renewed intimacy, and a more distinct yearning. 

As they sat at their favorite table off from the crowd, 

free coffee was placed by the waitress, to recognize their patronage, but they left due to the Coffee House being too “loud”.

Short Story & Poetry By           Tamara Dorsey-Moore

Thinker on the Loose