How to Remove A Main Stain 

Work your way out of the Main Stain’s blotch, that holds you back from life, that weighs you down, claims you, shames you, chains, drains, changing your path, and the side effects that ensues after which defaming your name, because the opinion of others who’ll prefer to keep family skeletons tucked away in closets, or sweep a problem under the rug, all won’t believe you, because some refuse to allow the suspect to get the proper justice they deserve, due to not wanting to accept that person is a monster, or they love them that much, or because its simpler to blame or call the victim a liar, get away from those type until the process of healing is complete. Remove all of these…

Remove from the stain, all guilt, regret, your mind, people who refuse to validate you, a reclused heart, anger regarding space and violation of your body and your soul’s respect… repeat as needed.
To become whole and fulfilled, 

first you most Heal. 

Then add every part of yourself back, renewed and Healed with a triumphant testimony of peace, strength, determination, as a Survivor and will.

Summarized Directions just like washing: Remove the toughest part of the Stain like wine, ink, blood, sweat, tears, guilt, shame etc., by removing them from the stain first.

 Then remove self from the situation, be on outside looking in, take yourself out of the hurt, remove the residue that tries to remain behind in your thoughts, and heart, talk to someone whom you can confide in, or shares a similar story or get proper counseling, whichever is best for you in Healing

 Start or restart a hobby or creative path, that helps free your mind, candle making, writing, poetry, reading, singing, prayer, drawing, fishing, etc,. 

 Whatever gives your smile back, your hope, restores self-worth and self respect, trust and once you feel healing in the works, add self back, self-worth, respect, mind, body and soul. 

 You will notice a strength beyond being a victim, or being held down by the anchor of the abuse, without losing countless years like some of us, beating ourselves up, visiting further ill paths, oh you will definitely have a story afterwards, but not of your death along with the abuse, for we all feel like a part of us died, but it just becomes dormant until its rewaken, relearned, or reestablished.

 Healing is in the works, let go of the stain. 

 Repeat as needed and Heal!

 I love you all!

 By Tamara Moore 


I believe this started as poetry and went over to more of a topic of My Thoughts and How to Heal after sexual abuse. Either way, Thanks for reading in advance. 🙂
Thinker on the Loose


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