The Main Stain

On a roof top she’d hollered it now, 

if she’d known an audience would feel her pain and listen.

Those heinous night’s she cried out seeing trails of what her assailant  left behind on her body glistening.

As every thought of hers, 

became engulfed by ways to maintain.

As her youthful body felt traumatized, stinging and ripped by a tormentors pain. 

After the torture, he’d throw a cloth, at her weakened body that was habitually drained. 

Before He’d premeditately stood by, waiting in the darkness, for all to fall asleep and once he witnessed it had came, awakened her abruptly out of her peace, into the ordeal of being detained. 

She became engulfed to keep this nightly secret maintained, 

barely old enough to endure his weight, much less, how he claimed her, maimed her, chained her goals, took her innocence and trust, placing them on hold. 

Adding tons of guilt that also echoed to her, devalued lesson in shame, as she became sorely aware of the mess, and unrest of her Main Stain.

She held on to a need to act normal, tucking away all fear, in her small frame, so no one knew by her beautiful laughter or sad eyed smile, that she was systematically tamed.

She kept this strain, on her heart, her body, in her soul for 10 years of her life, pain still passed through her mind, as a shadow armed with a knife. 

She no longer kept quiet his vile behavior and threats, 

those disturbing instances where she held regret.

For she only cared about shouting it, to help those who strayed toward its trail, a path that lead children into a silenced, induced Hell.

Never again has she chose to maintain, to be claimed, into a disguised disgusted secrecies silenced pain, 

she rose and chose to be free of a decade of guilt and heal, 

releasing herself from years from a debilitating Main Stain’s feel.

By Tamara Moore

Ex.,Childhood, Healing, Sexual Abuse

Thinker on the Loose

Healing is right around the corner..