Modern Goddess of Love (Aphrodite)

I breathe love into existence, 

like air through the lungs. 

For it is an infinite affair, 

I will always have, with love. 

In my life, I speak love’s language, quite fluently, in multiple tongues.

I once took cupid aside, regarding his arrows being dull.

I romantically, express love’s attributes, by encouraging an answer, when it calls. 

As well as witnessing the sweetest of feelings, 

once the heart actually, falls.

Being a Lover of love is a fulltime job, many often fall short breaking all its laws.

By, selfishly making love an angry passion, and that’s when I’m assigned, to get involved.

I need first time love’s, euphoric newness, saturating through my veins

Joyful of the debut, of goose bumps, raised upon my skin.

My heart marvels, a standing ovation, after it performs and sings.

Enthralled by the genuine feelings, that only butterflies of true love can bring.

My heart desires the nourishment of Love’s passion filled action’s. 

The closeness, and sharing aspects, of pure exuberant satisfaction.

The Unity of Love, is my purpose in Life, as well as my heart’s endless thirst, that everyone gets it right.

I’m the modern day Aphrodite, 

and love happens to be my glue, 

my calling, my heart’s yearning, 

that adheres, to my ravishing point of view. 

So be thankful to God, and lucky stars above, that you still pique the interest, of the Goddess of Love.

POETRY By Tamara L Dorsey-Moore 

Copyright (c) Reserved for and By Tamara L Dorsey-Moore

Thinker on the loose~to be continued 




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