Politically shut eyes, play blind,
but are part of factless media lies.

Police brutality, missing children on the rise, 

 scripted News speaks daily, bought only, to scare viewers, no surprise.

Children found dead, 

but their body parts are missing, 

as the Black market privately exhibits, for the largest buyer’s to get it .

Call me a theorist, cause my mind goes deep, 

I’m waiting patiently on the awakening of my family out of sleep.

It appears we aren’t socially inept enough, except on social media, 

informantly what they expect from us.

For it ties up our time, and even causes neglect. 

Instructing gratification, but offering no respect. 

A Premeditated way to dummy down, and technology us out, 

In order for huge issues to pass randomly about.

Otherwise, we need to understand our lives are what’s in debt.

We will always be behind, and not with just bills, but for respect.

As justice, blindfolds our eyes, with diversioned injustices day by day, 

we allow the words, slap on the wrist, to be enough to state. 

With poisoned water, defined find’s, of political and law corruptions, 

pot holes, high insurance rates, whispered upon many commotions.

Improper order and defenses are getting more candidly displayed, 

as the higher ups get raises and live happily in their NWO shade.

We have 100k’s homeless people, 

but totally foreclosure obsessed.

As water shut off’s loudly confess, while some pay top dollar, just to boil a drink of lead, upon a governor’s filtered request.

Tax hikes, gas shuffles up and down. Paycheck looking shady, before getting homeward bound.

After the legal bullies, have their financial way with us. 

We’re much too, mentally tapped out, to even make a  valid fuss. 

Closing our tired eyes to what research has been up too.

GMO’s a quiet additive in majority of our gruel. 

Now I actually wonder, when food was 100% food?

As statistics ask, why we’re so angry, irritated, depressed, tired, unhealthy, and just refuse to follow any rules, 

as it has caused an hostility to sit, on the skirts and pant leg of our shoes. 

These researches were before you and will be after you fall, but no one questions outcomes of the studies, for they are protected by many laws.

As we, have become human guinea pigs, obviously for free.

The donor’s across the world die, due to.their parts being needed.

More years of research, shows formula for are infants are soy based. 

Giving baby boys 9 doses of estrogen per feeding, as effeminizing boy babies, through gender bending research, is disgusting and displeasing.

Oh believe, they have a research for the baby girls too, done separately under a hush study, as research’s never through.

Insomnia, ADD, skin allergies as well, are gaining momentum , as everyone’s weight tips the scales.

Medication’s with side effects, ranging in death, lawsuits, or a living Hell. 

As attorney’s gain their money rooting for more FDA fails.

Vaccinations, Measles spread at Disney land? While Ebola is silenced for minute, once again, 

cloned meat eaten for many years , as meat glue’s tie more health problems, to the hand’s of Man.

Some foods cause, Lupus and Cancers, you better believe, as they want to do studies, to appear as savior’s for your relief. 

I heard of flu shots causing MS. 

While new studies show by inserting a chip for your job, a boss is always aware, when you’re at your desk?

I Thank God for the messages, he gives to me, as I pray daily, for no weapon prospering against, my family or me.

However, I need all to pay attention to Life, we aren’t living just to pay bills and multi-task strife.

Pray daily my family, as its bigger then you, allow God’s protection and counsel to see you through.

Otherwise your life could end, 

out the blue, for yet another scientists or researcher’s big breakthrough. 

 MY THOUGHTS what are yours?
By Tamara Moore Copyright (C) Reserved purposes for Tamara L Dorsey- Moore

Thinker on the loose

#The Big Picture, is usually right in front of your eyes..


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