Stage Fright(2mins)

Captured by a breath taking canvas, as conversant passion’s visit.

Rising intensities mingled with splendor, 

of a trove heart’s conviction.

Strategically positioned to pacify, 

an excessive, perfectionist mind. 

Amped with visible candor, 

the presence of relinquished time.

Frailty transcends, the ego’s thirst, of a first aid kit, 

by flirting with an audience whose driven eyes focus , 

yet unresponsively sit.

Lest deviate, the welcome mat, 

at least for a hecklers display.

Rushing urgently thru too- important passage’s, for a yielding crowd’s hooray. 

Stratus overhead looming, 

warnings of a pending storm, 

as a suppressed echo reached out, 

to coddle, dialects of revenant forms.

Daunting silence confused the Queen’s humble regard, 

introducing a fear, 

which made this audience, 

seem all too hard. 

No throat clearing or even a singled out cough, 

only draped silence, like that of a haunted, and abandoned loft. 

Improvised by pardons, 

decreasing the ego’s delight, 

as a precarious 2nd wind crept in, leaving fast as speeding light. 

A crisp Fall day, entered her voice and hid all fear.

Speaking glaciate words, in the air ,that caused an allusive CHILL .

The Poetic Queen, grew stronger, 

by regained feelings of hope, 

as narrative demonstration, 

assisted her in ways to cope.

Her words became summarized reality, as they readily poured.

She awed the crowd, with her gifts of imagery, 

as her heart’s dialogue roared.

Disabled, stage fright limped helplessly out a secret door, uplifting confidence past where it was once before.

Yet, no premature tooting of horn’s, nor ready to selfishly slack.

Exclusive words fell meticulously, from the heart’s desire to give back.

Lasting words peaked imaginations, as teary eyes displayed.

For In the exit of stage fright’s storm,  

came a long thunderous applause accredited, with standing ova’s.

POETRT By, Tamara Moore~

Copyright © 2015

Thinker on the Loose- (REBLOG)



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