Entitled Great


Riding down the slope, 

 like in the Swiss Alps, 

 you’re all tied up, so I help myself.

Sways and turns, become totally incorrigible, like a tennis match’s vocabulary, of ooh’s, ah’s, and oh’s.

Taking advantage of this lavish event, your hands on the trophy, while making subtle hints.

Now, it’s your job to make it through, the entirety of the games, 

may boost your ego, 

while boastfully mine remains.

At your entry and acceptance, 

don’t forget your reach, for its not the US open, leaving time for any speeches.

Dialect coded, riddles by nature, high stakes on the table, 

with endless pride wagered.

The entitled greatness claimed, 

 proves which opponent lied.

As you bet on this “brick house”, 

by letting it all ride.

Keep in mind your bet of confidence, while your pokerface is key, 

as I read your bluff and call you out 

on the excellence of my techniques.

Still an undisputed heavyweight

awaiting my reward, I’m reminded of sportsmanship, as I allow my smile to absorb.   

Entending my hand to my contender and mate.

As my smile of victory again, grows, as an Entitled Great.

Poetry By Tamara Moore

Thinker on the loose

Iconically…undisputed Urmajesty ☆

Copyright Reserved purposes intended for and by Tamara L Dorsey-Moore