Reach into my heart, take a piece of my peace,  

Cover up from the tingly chills, 

that come off in my speech.

Read my full lips, slowly— an open book, ready to teach, 

Zoom in on my heart, and feel its uniqueness.

Understand me gently, grasping and cradling your attention,

Often observing everything silently, I should mention.

Search my eyes as they will authenticately show

my loyalties intention’s.

Look through the mood changing windows to my soul, 

as they turn from slate grey, chocolate to Amberโ€™s gold.

Feel me in my need to get my points across, 

For I am Godโ€˜s messenger, 

trying to save souls, at all cost. 

Watching all the falls, 

and never taking enough stands.

Time is of the essence, 

to diligently relearn, the entire plan. 

The wisdom God gives me, 

itโ€™s just for this time.

In which it may be a distant daydream, 

that entirely leaves my mind.

Remember to forgive easily. 

Be slow to all anger,  

love with your whole heart, 

Keep faith when in danger, 

and always 

Praise the Most High God, 

good or bad, sleepily, in haste, even when your mad.

Remember, again to rely on prayer, read, say grace, no matter who stares.

There are others among us, 

who are on the opposing team, 

be alert, stay on guard and keep the children within reach. 

For their attention has became extremely dim, 

donโ€™t allow technology and celebrities to be idols, 

teach the babies about Him.

Iโ€™m one of the chosen, 

as He enhances my wisdom,

 and guides my words.

Take heed for this is the 3rd chance, that I get to be heard

POETRY By Tamara Moore  ~ Amen~

Thinker on the Loose

Copyright ยฉ 2016 Reserved purposes intended for use by and for Tamara Dorsey-Moore and audience


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