Young Tammy (4mins)

Listen now, because you won’t later.

You’ll be set in your ways .

So, please do me this favor. 

Sit down, and savor, 

the words that I‘m saying.

Everything I’m telling you,

you will go through as planned.

There’ll be lots of game player’s, undoubtedly, waiting on your naïve hand.

So watch who you entrust your heart, and to whom you cater too.

You will always want love, 

but love may not always want you. 

Keep on your path of education, 

and please remain on guard.

So, if you fall from good graces, 

to recover, it won’t be so hard. 

That way you‘ll have more to rely on, from the very start, 

then a trail of lost loves, a bruised ego and your own foolish heart.

Your virtue was stolen and dismissed, like a pass, however that will create your drive, and you’ll get over that fast.

Some people will love you, 

as long as they get, what they want.

You are intelligent, beautiful and strong, don’t settle, for that junk.

You’ll notice your friend list thinning out, year by year.

You’ll be lucky to have 2 friends left, after the dust truly clears.

Don’t roll your eyes, please listen and unfold your arms!

I need your full attention, 

regarding you not getting harmed.

You’re reaching the age toward, invincibility’s deceit.  

So always be mindful the streets, aren’t paved, to be sweet. 

A born leader, so be cautious to words some speak, 

for their actions won’t match their intent and they’ll be so much meaner.

Your mother is an issue, entirely within a zone, your friends proclaim to loving theirs, but 

don’t jump too quick with expression toward your own.

She’s going to do you lots of harm, betrayal you’ll never forget. 

But you’ll continue on with offering, her honor and respect.

Just remember soon you’ll be totally free, you’ll thank GOD profusely, 

for never going back, once you actually leave.

But I must admit there will be those who will think you are in the wrong, and those will be her co-workers, that she’s faked out for so long.

Don’t allow anyone to make you second guess the shoes in which you wear, the same shoes, they can’t walk a step in, without feeling your despair.

So before you’re free, I’m hopeful that maybe she’ll be finally done, spending all your college grants, while slandering your name, 

to your 1st born son. 

Please also be on the look out one of those fated nights, she’ll be pulling a gun on you, out of hatred, 

and actually threatening your life. 

You look too much like your father, and have always been a Daddy’s Girl, keep that love always present, because to him you are the world!

Looking in your eyes, Its evident you already know..

You say you gave it to GOD a long time ago, so this really wasn’t your lesson, but my future goals?

By Tamara Moore

Copyright  (c) Reserved purposes intended. TOTL- Poetry


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