You’d be amazed, by the taste I get from those lasting, words. 

Makes me want to climb your stage, speak into your mic, and dance to curb my urge. 

While the music still plays, 

I’m even more engaged, you’ve decided to enter, my cozy little cage. As I whisper a few secrets to mesmerize your ears…but the Deal is, of me you must remain free, if.you value that inner piece. 

Otherwise, this snap could trap you, capture you in its grips, 

tightly, slowly, releasing you– as you helplessly ooze from its slip. 

A happy but sad mixture, of my guilt rides me, after you, 

whispering to my conscience.  

The fact that now, you’ve intrigued my whip to self-soothe.

By Tamara Moore

Copyright (c) 2017

Mature 18+ Content-Poetry


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