Black Pearl 

Guest of honor laid back, watching, the explorer, search the ocean floor. 

Hunting for a priceless gem, 

opposite of Pandora’s door. 

Like a starving artist at work,  locksmith with a master key, 

a cat burglar unlocking a diamond’s display, prideful with technique. 

Attentive as a safe cracker listening, 

for appropriate gears, 

hearing the last number’s turn, sweet music to the ears.

Contempo speeds up to passionate sounds, 

as the expedition ends, 

once the Black Pearl is found.

He’s savoring the essence of fruit, 

an automatic enhancer, 

like cobbler, the sweetest  honeydew, or a peach jolly rancher.

A narrative suggestion starts, 

this erotic behavior, as a mirrored ceiling  adds sight, to the exotic favor.

MM MM MM, the slogan comes to mind, in tune with breaths, that become long and shallow, 

as winding hips roll, keeping time, yet moving like the tongue in battle.

Eyes watch as graffiti is written, by experienced kisses, 

that render’s the heart smitten. 

Like a snow pea, 

the Pearl now reigns outside its queendom, 

crying profusely

by mind blowing freedom.

Worthy chills still attentively, play  their part,

As the way to Black Pearl, 

is the way to the heart. ❤


Thinker on the Loose~This mind

Copyright (C) 2016 Reserved purposes intended for Tamara Moore and for a Mature audience 18+ content Erotic poetry


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