I just woke up out of another dream, instead of my journal, I’m sharing, to remain focused too what it all means…I even dream poetry or at least in speech …

I dreamt of a huge restaurant in which appeared Asian in appearance,

but once inside it was full of different cultures, nations, colors, and races, as I waited to be served I glanced across the room, and saw my arch-enemy, amongst the faces. There were masses of people all around waiting some without seats.

Since I had a 25 minute wait. I left out for a breather.

Came back inside to check out the buffet, it was full of cocktail shrimp, that I no longer ate, as each group began to stand praying on their feet. In different tongues and ways.

Some of them had on holy clothes or uniforms and different attire, red and black, all white, white and black, then the regularly dressed others sat watching, which included my arch enemy and I

And once their food came their party stood up, loud speeches to their maker’s or raised religion’s cup.

I looked toward my enemy’s table she shook her head and said WTF, so I went back outside and drove off for a minute, inside a fire truck?

I went too far away, and saw real firemen asking for donations, yielding a boot, as a boy played ball, running in the street, and the light turned green, but the ball got away, and they told him to leave it and cross in front of me, as my foot never left the brake, and waited for him to proceed

I called the restaurant on speed dial for directions, but never found my way back, as my party waited for my return, (saddened) because my deceased grammy was there waiting to talk with me,  and I love her so dearly, and that was wack.                                But in my dreams dream, my arch enemy angrily left, I just wish I could get proper directions back, from somebody else.

I woke up before getting back there, what the hell was that dream about? There was alot of tension in the room, unmentioned, but I needed to leave there before ever getting my food. My dream’s have been taking some awkward turns lately.