The Broken Man’s Violin


His song is repeated in Social media, on the News, radio, and every book’s page.
Growing up in a single parent home, has ignited all his pending rages.
His harsh thoughts, toughened his heart to limitless ends,
as his temper’s defensed warfare,
is felt by enemies, family, and friends.
In his over worked mind,
they planned attacks to strip away, his heart’s last good fibers.
As his issues with the world,
were enormous pools,
in which he is the star diver.
Always on a dramatic stand,
to debate, natures normalcy’s and bliss.
Casually showing his worst behavior, while telling everyone where to kiss.
His excuse list is longer,
than any relationship he’s ever had,
due to jealousies that persist,
from never meeting his dad.
Rebelliously, robbing the youth of their innocence,
because he’s stuck in his own trapped maze.
Feeling he had to become a Man early on, at a very tender age.
He ridicules them by saying,
they aren’t tough or hard enough.
Feeding them trust issues and war stories, of how he had it so tough.
A social bully, intrigued by the weakened mind,
of opponents in his ring.
Yet, statistics love his dying breed,
as he will always
blame the world,
for- every -possible –thing.
By, Tamara Moore
Thinker on the Loose
Tamaraurmajesty ~I enjoy cheese with my whine πŸ˜‰
Copyright 2015 Reserved for purposes intended by and for Tamara L Dorsey-Moore


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