Hard Pill To Swallow (2mins)

On any given night you can feel her pain,
as the world outside has drowned

by an inevitable pool,

of shame.

The confident ingredients

in her smile’s content,

had dastardly began to change.

For in her heart,

she noticed mankind,

no longer hid,

from the strange.

Analyzing, a gripping audience,

of accusatory and impoverish strain.

While spectating on a world,

of programmable puppet‘s,

hanging thinly by a string.

A lump mustered in her throat,

as her ears burned from anger,

witnessing famine of knowledge

and resilience,

made them sting, of life’s impeding dangers.

She watched as commercials,

became sexual before 5:00,

in front of her children.

While every other song and TV show played, taught soul stealing techniques,

and nudity, as ways to make a few million.

Unphased by the idiot box,

for- she was no celebrities fan.

She held her speeches at high regard,

to enlighten Children, Woman and Man.

She often spoke of changing,

what other’s closed their eyes too,

as she laid awake most nights, praying for her family’s salvation through.

Her reward, was her practiced patience, with respect of others’ boundaries and zones.

Often feeling as though, she was in a hopeless, cold-hearted world, awaken and alone.

Everyone allowed their devices,

to become the idolatry of their demise, crossing streets,

with headphones on,

cheating, or texting while they drive.

Technology had become the norm,

an extension to every hand these days,

no longer a genuine smile’s  certainty, or tender moment,

unless selfies were displayed.

She studied and researched,

with tireless effort,

a few chances to open their eyes,

only to be unheard,

by intelligent dummies,

who only quoted, “a word to the wise“.

So in her rants

of hoarseness, to her calloused tone. For the rage set in her heart,

gave birth, to the sarcastic fire,

in her tongue.

She urged the righteous to remain truthful, and in time the Masses will follow.

For the Truth has always and will forever be, a hard pill to swallow.

By Tamara Moore

Thinker on the loose~

Copyright 2015 Reserved purposes intended.