Imagination runs..(1 min)


I’m that song, that won’t let your heart off the hook.
That shy, eye contact, that makes you take a double look.
That warm inviting smile, that out shines the sun.
That first time away, that was too much fun.
I am the conclusion drawn.
All the mysteries to unravel.
That abstract picture, that sits on your mantel.
I am the wind, that soothingly sings you to sleep.
I am that promise, to others, of their secrets, you keep.
I am the road that takes you, to the extreme.
I am the goals you check off, in all of your dreams.
I am that smile that covers your face, while you sleep.
Also the steamy excitement, of your passionate beat.
I am the reason, you can’t wait to get back home.
For I am your imagination, and with you, I’m free to roam.
I am that quest, of your thoughts and random behaviors.
Waiting impatiently, on your many- extraordinary flavors.
I am that emotion you love to claim, as we freely run wild, together, totally untamed.
Poetry By Tamara Moore
Thinker on the loose
Copyright 2015 (c) Reserved for purposes intended for and by Tamara L Dorsey-Moore


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